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How Volibear went from worst to best jungler in just one patch

Published: 15:47, 22 June 2020
Riot Games
League of Legends - Volibear
Have you tried the new Volibear?

League of Legends' recently reworked champion, Volibear, received some much-needed buffs which transformed him from the weakest to the strongest champion in the jungle role, according to most win rate charts.

Riot Games have continued their trend of reworking outdated League of Legends champions who are having a hard time adapting to the modern game meta.

The most recent addition to this list was League's favourite bear - Volibear. However, just like Fiddlesticks, Volibear didn't show too much promise after his release since he averaged one of the worst win rates at the time.

In the previous patch, he averaged an atrocious 44.76 per cent win rate for the jungle position which made him the single worst champion in that role. Besides his weak numbers, the biggest reason for his poor performances over the last patch was the fact that players weren't experienced enough to use him to his full potential.

Luckily for all the jungle mains, Riot decided to hotfix him twice in patch 10.11 before giving him some extra power in the current patch.

As per usual, this resulted in him being pretty overpowered at the moment and if we exclude champions with less than one per cent pick rate, Volibear currently holds the highest win percentage for the jungle position - 53.26 per cent. He's also doing pretty well in the top lane with the 9th overall win rate - 50.37 per cent.

Riot Games Splash art for Volibear in League of Legends League of Legends - Volibear

According to U.GG , Volibear doesn't have any weak matchups in the jungle at the moment as he prevails against all of the other junglers. His presence was also felt in professional play (LEC and LCS), where he won five out of the eight matches he was picked in.

Even though he seems overpowered at the moment, Riot will not include him in the next patch's balance changes . However, considering his win percentages are increasing by each day, it's hard to imagine that he remains untouched for a long time. He will probably see some nerfs once the win rates become more stable, probably around patch 10.14.

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