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How Escape from Tarkov avoided Ukraine - Russia political mess

Published: 15:15, 16 June 2022
Tarkov's replacement for IKEA is now a real thing in Russia
Tarkov's replacement for IKEA is now a real thing in Russia

Over a hundred days have passed since the start of the war in Ukraine, and Battlestate Games seem to continue the game's development without getting the spotlight.

During the first days of the Ukraine war, which started on the 24th of February this year, there was an enormous political pressure on everyone and everything Russian to make a statement to "choose a side". Battlestate Games was one of those companies, even though the company is registered in London, they are indeed a Saint-Petersburg-based video company. 

But Battlestate Games kept quiet, as we wrote in articles at that time. Their stance was neither pro-war nor against it. They kept silent during the first two weeks while everyone was reacting passionately about the war. 

Based on data we got from Google analytics for our articles, a lot of people were asking the questions about Battlestate Games' position as well as the future of the game, whether servers will be shut down, whether the game be purchasable outside Russia, etc...

However, as time passed, just like any other viral event happening in the world, the Ukraine war fell into the background as "normal" life continued for most of the planet as cruel as that sounds. That showed in our articles' reach as well, as it was getting fewer and fewer hits for those articles as time passed.

Altchar Ruble to dollar ratio changed Ruble to dollar ratio changed

Battlestate Games continued the game's development and interaction with the player base agnostic to the war and we think those two weeks of silence were crucial in Battlestate Games surviving the political pressure.

Some found their silence as agreeing with the war, while others didn't expect the game company to issue political and moral statements as they are, in the end, just a game company. 

And as far as we see it, it was the only stance they could take that would them above water. Speaking out against the war would lead to many problems as most developers are working from Russia, while the pro-war stance would kill their sales in most of the Western world.

Since then, they are heavily monitoring Reddit and Discord discussions to ban any political talk and are focusing discourse on the game. Their two podcasts, and the live Arena trailer, however, were raided by pro-Russia users who were writing Z in support of the war. Nikita avoided these comments in the chat and kept both podcasts apolitical.

Escape from Tarkov will most likely continue being an apolitical war game set in the fictional Russian region, whose premise sounds too familiar at the moment. 

And the similarity grows by the day with the most recent being the case of IKEA / IDEA. As most major corporations are moving out of Russia while getting local replacements with similar names, the exiting IKEA got replaced by the newfound Russian company IDEA, which is the name of the fake IKEA inside the Tarkov universe as well.

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