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Horizon Forbidden West will have six different playstyle paths

Published: 15:04, 23 December 2021
Horizon Forbidden West - New screenshot
Horizon Forbidden West - New screenshot

Horizon Forbidden West will offer players six different playstyle paths with 20 to 30 skills in each. Playstyles include Warrior, Trapper, Survivor, Infiltrator Hunter and Machine Master. 

In the most recent preview of Horizon Forbidden West by gaming magazine Game Informer its been revealed that Guerrilla Games' highly-anticipating action-adventure will feature a total of six different playstyle paths which will offer players various ways to play the game.

Here are the six playstyle paths that players can take choose in Horizon Forbidden West: 

  1. Warrior - Focuses on melee attacks and close combat
  2. Trapper - Use traps to beat enemies both machines and humans
  3. Survivor - Focuses on health and resources
  4. Infiltrator - For stealth players
  5. Hunter - Ranged attacks
  6. Machine Master - Big focus on hacking

Sony Horizon Forbidden West Horizon Forbidden West

Of course, you can mix and match these playstyles - you don't need to focus solely on one path. 

Also, each playstyle path will include 20 to 30 skills that you can unlock for that specific path. So for example, if you choose stealth you can unlock stealth skills that will help you take down enemies while staying hidden and so on. On top of this, you can also put multiple points into certain skills to increase their effectiveness.

Each tree also has its own unique Valor surge move which is like an ultimate skill that players can activate. 

Source: Reddit

Horizon Forbidden West

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