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Hitman 2 gameplay trailer a frying pan, quick PUBG, sue them

Published: 16:40, 12 June 2018
Updated: 12:56, 24 September 2018
Warner Bros
Hitman 2 protagonist with a bar code tattooed on his head
Hitman 2

Agent 47's latest gameplay trailer has a peculiar thing going on in it - a frying pan. Seeing as how PUBG claims ownership of global game-representation rights of this oh-so-unique piece of cookware, we already see a lawsuit coming.

Just kidding of course, PUBG ain't suing anyone. Yet. Agent 47 on the other hand, won't be waiting around for that, as he'll be busy swinging around with his sniper, scissors and the aforementioned frying pans to keep erasing his targets.

From the looks of it though, Agent 47 has a much bigger throwing arsenal, such as peculiarly shaped smack-fish, robotic arms, wrenches and even pastry. Seriously though, if a pastry hits that hard, IO Interactive may wanna consider buying bread elsewhere.

Hitman 2's new trailer kicks off where the announcement , in the middle of a racing event, where Agent 47 undoes an unfortunate driver and what seems to be her unfortunate manager. As you can see, our bald stealth assassin tailors him a new suit, with those handy scissors that just happened to lay around there.

Towards the end of the trailer, you can see Agent 47 exchanging a bunch of disguises, at least we hope they are. If they turn out to be micro-transaction items that are pay-to-progress in nature, I'm literally never writing about Hitman again.

On the positive side though, Hitman 2 seems to be back the way it was meant to be played - the same ol' stealth recipe at a grander scale. It won't be episodic either, which was one of the main concerns for many fans of the once epic franchise. Episodic content was widely regarded as a sleazy money-grab that nobody ended up fully satisfied with, but those days are gone. 

Warner Bros Agent 47 in green military clothes from the game Hitman 2 Hitman 2

IO Interactive have got an underlying mystery going as well, with the story following an "elusive Shadow Client". Agent 47 ultimately catches up to him, or her, but the truth about his, or her, past "changes everything".

Hitman 2 is on track for 13 November 2018 launch and you can already preorder it .

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