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Hitman 2 gets a bunch of Colombia level playthroughs

Published: 10:26, 09 October 2018
Warner Bros
Agent 47 from Hitman 2 walking down a red carpet
Hitman 2

A bunch of videos of Hitman 2's Columbia level popped up and although all of them are centered around the same level, it was pretty fun watching different people go about it in different ways. Stealth and fiber wire or full head on?

Agent 47's quest to off the notorious criminal Rico Delgado has him looking for a way into Delgado's fortress. Not long after arriving into the village, he gets his chance though and it's in this segment where Hitmania begins.

Some Hitman 2 players simply choose to strangle the poor tattoo artist as soon as he's out. Others start with the barman and strike up a conversation first, all the while putting up a bartender facade, together with the apparel and everything.

Eventually, Agent 47 arrives in the Delgado residence where he offs the man of the house while pretending to be the aforementioned tattoo artist, B-Day or whatever. I must admit though - the disguises Agent 47 wears can sometimes be endearingly, ridiculously funny.

Of course, that's just the first third of the mission, as Hitman 2's jungle boogie still has two eliminations left - Jorge Franco and Andrea Martinez. This is when the arguably prettiest part of the level begins too, as Agent 47 is left wandering the jungle and striking from the leafy shadows.

IO Interactive made sure that their murderous baldy is industrious as well, and Agent 47 will be using poisonous frogs to get rid of his enemies. Nevertheless, stealth remains his bread and butter and most tasks are best left to tiptoeing his way around. Oh and bodies, always dispose of bodies. Even if it means cramming that poor sod down the woodchipper, or whatever grinder that is at the 29 minute mark.

Warner Bros Agent 47 from Hitman 2 holding a gun behind his back Hitman 2

I've linked to a single video here but you'd do well to check out a few others on your own, because it's fun seeing how others went about the level differently.

Hitman 2's return is done by IO Interactive and published by Warner Bros. It is expected to launch on 13 November 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Hitman 2, stealth shooter by IO Interactive and Warner Bros

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Hitman 2

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