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Hideo Kojima confirms he is working on a completely new "outrageous titles"

Published: 08:15, 03 December 2021
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Hideo Kojima's Kojima Productions studio are currently hiring for their new projects which he describes as "original" and completely new "outrageous titles".

Hideo Kojima and his Kojima Productions studio have been subject to many leaks and rumours over the last year or so. We've heard that Kojima's new partnership is with Xbox for a brand new cloud-based game, which is rumoured to be an episodic horror title. 

Other, less reliable rumours suggested that Kojima is back working on Silent Hill and Metal Gear series, which does seem like wishful thinking from fans of these franchises. 

Today, Hideo Kojima gave us a couple of hints regarding the new titles that are at the works at Kojima Productions. Kojima-san tweeted a job opening, stating that the team is currently hiring new staff who would work on creating new original games and "outrageous titles".

This is not surprising since we already knew that Kojima Productions have at least two projects in the works. When exactly we will get the announcement? Well, it's hard to say but Kojima loves to participate on The Game Awards show which is hosted by his dear friend Geoff Keighley. Though, it may be too soon for that but again, who knows. 

One thing that will be interesting to hear is the exclusivity. The last Kojima game Death Stranding was exclusive for PlayStation for a long time before arriving to PC. Now that Kojima is reportedly working with Xbox, we assume he'll go Xbox Series X|S and PC for one of his new titles.

The other one could end up being another PlayStation exclusive but that's just speculation at this point since we don't have any official info. 

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