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Heroes of the Storm PTR patch notes

Published: 10:08, 07 February 2017
Heroes of the Storm

New quests, skins, mounts and heroes available for playtesting in the PTR

Playtesting on the PTR ends on 13 February. With the update comes the "For Azeroth!" quest which requires completion of 15 matches with a friend, playing as a Warcraft Hero. will be available from 14 February until 14 March and the rewards will include the Primal Flamesaber Mount from WoW, a 10-day Stimpack and Flames of Judgement Charger Mount​​.

The new support hero touring the PTR is Lúcio, who will retain his Wall Ride feature and basic abilities along with his usual buff, with the addition of the Reverse Amp debuff. The Warcraft universe hero, Murky received some updates as well, and Love Goddess Tyrande is getting a new mount - the Heart Stone.

Blizzard Picture of Lucio in Heroes of the Storm Heroes of the Storm: Lúcio

Full patch notes are available at the

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