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Heroes of the Storm getting an update and a new hero

Published: 11:01, 30 March 2017
Updated: 08:05, 26 April 2017
Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm's latest update will be in the open beta for four weeks. The update brings a new progression system and some cosmetic rewards. Before the update rolls out, a hero from Diablo 2 will join the nexus.

Heroes of the Storm's latest update will land in the open beta and stay there for four weeks. The update is temporarily named Heroes 2.0, and it brings a highly anticipated change to the levelling system and the in-game shop as well as some cosmetic rewards.

The levelling system

Heroes 2.0 will bring a new levelling system that works by increasing the required XP a little for every level from 1 to 12. After the level 12, the required amount of XP will not change.

None of the previously acquired XP will be subtracted from the characters, but it will automatically transfer the XP into the new system.

For example, if you have a level 20 character before the update, it will become a level 55 in the new system.

Heroes 2.0 doesn't have a level cap either, so heroes can be levelled up indefinitely.

Blizzard Heroes of the Storm Heroes of the Storm

New cosmetic rewards

  • Sprays - work just like the sprays in Overwatch.
  • Banners - flags placed automatically after capturing points on the map.
  • Announcers - change the announcer lines. You can choose from the heroes you already have unlocked.
  • Voice Lines - used for taunts mostly.
  • Emoji Packs - every hero has their own set.

Loadouts enable the player to choose their Skin, Mount, Banner, Spray, Announcer, and Voice Line. Up to three Loadouts per character can be saved.

Loot Chests

A vast majority of the rewards from the game will now be available through there Loot Chests. For every level up, the player will receive a standard Loot Chest. Loot Chests of higher quality will arrive in different intervals. For example, every 5 Player Levels, you'll receive a Rare Loot Chest. Every 25 Player Levels, you have a shot at an Epic Loot Chest.  

Gold and portraits will be received when levelling individual heroes. An occasional hero-specific Loot Chests is also an option.

Blizzard Heroes of the Storm Heroes of the Storm

Loot Chests can contain a total of 4 of any of the following:

  • Skins
  • Mounts
  • Sprays
  • Banners
  • Announcers
  • Voice Lines
  • Emoji Packs
  • Unowned Heroes

One major update in regards to tints: each tint will from now on be considered as a different skin and be received via Loot Chests. Duplicates can be turned into shards and then used to buy items.


In addition to shards and gold, the update is introducing Gems. Instead of using real money to buy items, you can buy Gems and then use them to buy what you desire. Blizzard Balance funds can be used to purchase these Gems as well. 

A new hero will also be joining Heroes of the Storm, and she'll be there before the update rolls out. Cassia, a Javelin Amazon from Diablo 2 will join the Nexus soon.

She is a Ranged Assassin with 65 physical armor against basic attacks and AOE called Blinding Light. Cassia deals bonus damage to already blinded foes.

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