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Overwatch sending more than just its hero over to Heroes of the Storm

Published: 17:12, 17 April 2017
Overwatch - Hanamura

After Lucio, Genji is the next hero from Overwatch to join the Heroes of the Storm Nexus. He'll retain his abilities from his original game but they'll be tweaked a bit. Genji is also bringing over a map from Overwatch.

Heroes of the Storm recently received a with a pretty, round name: 2.0. The patch brought "a highly anticipated change to the levelling system and the in-game shop as well as some cosmetic rewards."

Now, you can add another hero from Overwatch to the list of incoming features. And while you're at it, add one of the Overwatch maps as well. Like Tracer, Zarya and Lucio before him, Genji is about to enter the Heroes' Nexus.  Well he'll first go through the PTR, but yea, you get it.

Genji is an assassin adventurer originally from Japan. By the way, he's bringing a piece of his childhood home with him into the Heroes of the Storm. That piece will look a lot like the map of Hanamura. In fact it will be the map of Hanamura.

Blizzard Overwatch - Hanamura map Overwatch - Hanamura map

Next up, the skills from Overwatch, tweaked just a bit:

His passive ability - Cyber Agility, will grant him the ability to jump over the walls in Heroes, enabling him to ambush his foes or escape them.

Shuriken will remain a "Q" ability, but it will store three charges of Shuriken and the stock will replenish only when all three are spent. On to Deflect: when active, it'll act as a shield and grant Genji the power to deflect the types of damage he's not able to counter in Overwatch. He'll also throw daggers at whoever does damage to him while this effect lasts.

Dragonblade is his ultimate ability, when he pulls out his katana and deals a series of killing blows to his enemies. So, you know, if you see him reach for it, run.

Plus, Genji will have an additional skill in the form of the X-Strike. When used, the X-Strike deals damage in a cross shape and as an added bonus, sets the enemies on fire.

Blizzard Overwatch - Genji Overwatch - Genji

What about the new map, you ask?

Well the Hanamura map is an assault map in Overwatch, but in Heroes, it'll be the game's first payload battleground.

Here's how things will play out:

Each team will get a core protected by an impenetrable barrier. When a payload has been delivered to a fixed location, the payload will turn into a turret and deal damage to the opponent's core. Some cool power-ups will be scattered all over the map as well. If you need more in-depth information on ins and outs of the new map, you can consult the video embedded above.

All of this is going to go live a couple of weeks after the 2.0 update rolls out.

Blizzard Overwatch - Hanamura turret Overwatch - Hanamura turret







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