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Hearthstone - Masquerade Ball event to feature four new Heroes

Published: 17:51, 28 September 2020
Hearthstone - Masquerade Ball
Hearthstone - Masquerade Ball

Hearthstone's own Scholomance Academy is throwing a definitely-not-haunted costume ball. The event will go on for three weeks and feature new minions, Dual-Class Arena and more.

Masquerade Ball's mystic powers will temporarily enchant the Tavern so it features brand new content unlocking weekly. This includes Tavern Brawls, the return of Dual-Class Arena, a new Hearthstone Book of Heroes solo experience, and more.

Starting on September 29, you'll be able to recruit and wield the awesome power of Elementals in Battlegrounds. The addition of this new minion type comes in the form of 16 new minions and 4 new Heroes - Chenvaala, Rakanishu, Al’Akir the Windlord, and Ragnaros the Firelord.

Battlegrounds ratings will be reset in favour of a new progression system, similar to the progression system from the constructed Ranked mode. 

All Hearthstone players will be granted one free ticket to celebrate the return of Dual-Class Arena. The Masquerade Ball event will alter the Arena runs you know and love: you’ll choose a Hero before choosing a Hero Power from a different class. Card offerings will feature cards from both classes, in addition to neutral cards.

The Tavern will also play host to the Rise of the Zombeasts Tavern Brawl, where both players create an undead army by assuming the role of Deathstalker Rexxar with a discounted Build-A-Beast Hero Power.

October 7 will mark the beginning of the Masquerade Ball Tavern Brawl. When you play a minion in this Tavern Brawl, it transforms into a minion that costs (2) more. When that minion dies, the original minion is revealed and re-joins the fight.

Hearthstone Book of Heroes: Rexxar will give the players a chance to play through Rexxar’s story in Hearthstone Book of Heroes on October 13. For the Horde.

The Boss Battle Royale 3 Tavern Brawl will be available on October 14 and feature 10 playable bosses, each sporting a unique Hero Power.

Playable bosses:

  • Dr Boom
  • Mother Sharaz
  • White King
  • Cenarius
  • Baduu Prime
  • Kriziki the Winged
  • Lich Baz’hial
  • Rotwing
  • Hagatha the VengefulI
  • Illidan Stormrage

More information about the Masquerade Ball event can be found here . 18.4 Patch Notes can be perused here .

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