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Hearthstone - big changes coming to quests later this month

Published: 20:42, 07 December 2020

Hearthstone's dev team gathered the players' feedback and decided to revamp the game's quests. Some weekly quests will be removed and others slightly changed.

Blizzard's dev team in charge of Hearthstone has shared an announcement detailing a series of changes that will start trickling out later this month. The new update will be tasked with adjusting or removing quests that players have deemed too difficult to complete, reducing the amount of XP required to complete the 50-level rewards track by nearly 20 per cent, adding two gold rewards on the track, and redesigning the bonus levels after level 50. 

There will also be a one-time log-in reward of 5 Darkmoon Faire packs and 500 Gold. The reward will be available starting on December 15, all the way until January 18.

Here's a rundown of the quest changes that will arrive later this month:

  • Weekly quests that require Legendary cards and Arena runs will be removed. The reason: these quests are more difficult than intended for players due to the investment necessary. 

Blizzard A painting of a centaur-like creature on a forest clearing Blizzard: Hearthstone: Lunara, daughter of Cenarius

  • The weekly quest "Win 7 Games of Ranked Play Mode" will be changed to "Win 5 Games of Ranked Play Mode". 
  • Tavern Brawls and Battlegrounds will now contribute to quest progress. Tavern Brawls and Battlegrounds will reward progress for any daily or weekly quests that they should naturally apply to. 
  • Small changes coming to certain quests. Some quests aren’t working as well as the devs think they should or are harder to complete than intended. For example, the quest "Play 50 Corrupt Cards" had a couple of issues making it too hard to complete. Now, Corrupted cards will properly count toward the progress of this quest. The requirement is for this particular quest will be taken down to 30.
  • All 800 XP daily quests will now reward 900 XP. 

More information about the changes coming early next year can be found here .

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