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PUBG is introducing a vehicle and limb penetration system

Published: 22:58, 05 March 2018
Spoof of the promotional image for PUBG showing a character armoured with four frying pans.

If you're not one of those pesky PUBG hackers, you might find landing headshots a challenge from time to time. Bluehole are booting up their test servers this week where they will enable you to shoot enemies' heads off through their arms.

Bluehole seem to be finally getting around fixing their game, first with a group of for Xbox, followed by Nvidia drivers' further optimisation for the game and now the announcement of the test server. 

An announcement on the official PUBG Twitter was made earlier today saying the test server for PC will be up and running later this week, after they're done debugging and polishing it. Bluehole are inviting people to join and test out the new features such as in-game friend system, voice chat in main menu and vehicle and limb penetration system. Looks like you won't even have to aim for the windows anymore!

If nothing else, these changes should add a bit more realism to the game. It may not seem like much but it is one of the selling points for the players who still prefer PUBG over Fortnite due to the latter having a cartoonish art style.

Bluehole will be looking for player feedback on the implementation of these features and they have added that full patch notes will be added in the following days. Players have been requesting a different system when it comes to getting downed in a car, as it is both unrealistic and illogical that you would jump out of a moving vehicle after you've been shot. This will become a larger concern following the penetration update, as car doors will no longer be impenetrable.

Bluehole Studio Promotional picture for PUBG showcasing a female character wearing a ballistic face mask. PUBG - I don't need hands to protect my face from bullets. I got this mask made of Fryingpanium.

Considering Fortnite grabbing more and more success lately, it was high time Bluehole updated their crown jewel. It still remains to be seen how much of an effect ping locking regions will have and if hacker rates will drop in the long run, but until then we can have fun penetrating people.

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