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Halo Infinite is still coming to Xbox One, 343 Industries say

Published: 16:32, 24 December 2020
343 Industries
Halo Infinite screenshot showing Armour coating
Halo Infinite - Armor coating

343 Industries, the developer of Halo Infinite have debunked the earlier LinkedIn speculation which suggested that Halo Infinite is cancelled for the previous generation consoles.

Earlier this week, Xbox fans found a LinkedIn profile of Chad Mirshak, UI Art Lead on Halo Infinite, which suggested that the game is only expected on Xbox Series X, Series S and PC. Many Xbox content creators and influencers pointed out that the speculation is completely baseless and the profile description probably means nothing but that did not stop Xbox fans from discussing the potential cancellation of the Xbox One version over on social media and gaming forums.

Some would certainly welcome such news since they don't want to see the game held back by old hardware while Xbox One players would certainly be disappointed to hear that they need to speed a large amount of cash for a shiny new console in order to play the upcoming blockbuster.

Luckily, Halo Infinite will be coming to all platforms that have been announced previously. That means Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC. The rumour has been debunked by 343 Industries' Community Manager John Junyszek over on Twitter. 

It seems that Junyszek is really tired of these rumours and just want to enjoy his holidays so he simply replied: "Nope. Please let me enjoy the holidays".

So there you have it folks, worry not, Halo Infinite is still coming to Xbox One. It may not look as good as the next-gen version but still, you'll get to play it and enjoy the multiplayer experience without spending money on the next-gen console.

Halo Infinite, upcoming sequel by 343 Industries and Microsoft

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Halo Infinite

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