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Halo Infinite and a new Dark Souls-esque game Sekiro announced

Published: 20:58, 10 June 2018
343 Industries
First image of Halo Infinite confirmation by Microsoft
Halo Infinite

Microsoft have officially confirmed that the next instalment in Halo series will be Halo Infinite. Meanwhile, FromSoftware are going next level on their already impressive combat mechanics with Sekiro, the spiritual successor to Souls.

Microsoft are hell bent on reviving Xbox One's attractiveness and they have announced a staggering number of new exclusives. Chief among them is definitely Halo Infinite. Unfortunately, the trailer shown above is no actual gameplay, but rather pre-rendered footage in the game engine. 

This reveal prompted many fans to relive their wet dreams in reality, wide awake as they witnessed the game going back to the old art style. In fact, it has caused so much hype that many people are already proclaiming that Microsoft managed to make their presentation more interesting than EA's just five minutes into it.

Apparently, they're not done firing the big guns, as just minutes later they also unveiled Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, the next big project by FromSoftware, the developers behind Souls series. Long time fans of the series can easily spot many aspects of the Souls combat in Sekiro but there are visible improvements and new combat mechanics.

For example, there is plenty more verticality now, especially since the game features a grappling gun of sorts that can propel the player's character into the air for some flashy combos.

The game's lore takes a similar tone as the Souls series, with the player's character waking up early on only to realise they died but not really. One part of their body is visible undead, but for the moment it's only local. This hints towards mechanics similar to losing humanity on death and visually resembling Hollow in Dark Souls.

It is not confirmed yet, but it is to be expected that players will become more and more skeletal as they die and / or don't get their humanity or its equivalent back. You can see the trailer with included footage just above.

Unlike Halo Infinite, Sekiro isn't an exclusive and it's coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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