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Halo Infinite leak: open world segments, campaign length and more revealed

Published: 07:03, 18 May 2020
Screenshot from Halo Infinite, showing Master Chief's mask
Halo Infinite, Do we really need to explain who?

According to the latest leak, Halo Infinite will have four open-world segments, similar to Metro Exodus. There are around 20 main missions and 35 side quests and a new Spartan Ops-esc mode will be coming post-launch.

Halo Infinite is one of the most anticipated games this year but Microsoft did not really share that much details about their upcoming exclusive. We are yet to see gameplay but hopefully, that will change on the upcoming Xbox event in July.

Until then, we have a fresh batch of leaks to look at. The latest one comes from TestTrak , who revealed a ton of new details about the game's world, mechanics and story. 

The leaker claims that the campaign will be split into four open-world segments, each with its own theme and environment. The two known regions are Taiga/Forest which we got to see in the trailer while the other one is a snowy landscape.

Regions will feature their own main missions and side quests. The main missions will be linear in nature and once players complete them, they will progress to the next open-world area, similarity to Metro Exodus.

The campaign has around 20 main missions and 35 side quests with plenty of random encounters in the regions.

Microsoft Decrepit circular constructions in the sand from Halo Infinite Halo Infinite

The leaker also writes that suppressors will add a light stealth mechanic to the game but there won't be any detection meter and stealth will not carry into multiplayer PvE. 

As for the graphics and art style, Forerunner architecture interiors apparently look a lot like Halo Reach's style. Exteriors are more similar to 343’s style with an emphasis on "awe and wonder". 

Last but not least, a new Spartan Ops-esc mode could be in development for post-launch story content. It will follow new characters but star your multiplayer spartan like in Halo 4.

Halo Infinite, upcoming sequel by 343 Industries and Microsoft

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Halo Infinite

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