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Halo Infinite - Campaign Co-Op and Forge delayed

Published: 09:32, 21 August 2021
343 Industries
Halo Infinite - Campaign Co-Op and Forge delayed
Halo Infinite - Campaign Co-Op and Forge delayed

Halo Infinite will, sadly, ship without Campaign Co-Op and Forge features. Joseph Staten confirmed that the dev team will now focus on delivering the single-player campaign and multiplayer on release.

Looks like we'll have to wait a bit more for Halo Infinite's campaign co-op and Forge. An August update shared by the official Halo YouTube channel clued us in on the situation: the dev team will shift their focus on getting the single-player campaign and multiplayer ship-shape in time for the upcoming holiday release.

Campaign Co-Op is a Halo mainstay that sees players teaming up to go at the game's single-player campaign with a friend, while Forge lets them design their own experience through custom maps, rules, and more.

"Unfortunately, as we focused the team for shut down, and really focused on a quality experience for launch, we made the really tough decision to delay shipping campaign co-op for launch. And we also made the tough call to delay shipping Forge past launch as well," Joseph Staten said during the video update.

The fans won't have to wait very long for the two delayed features to hit the live servers: Halo Infinite will ship with a complete single-player mode and Season 1 of multiplayer. We can expect to see Campaign Co-Op on the ground by the start of Season 2, and Forge will enter the fray with Season 3.

As for Halo Infinite's Seasons, Staten confirmed that they will be on a three-month release schedule. 

Halo Infinite: Development Update - August 

Halo Infinite release date

Staten clarified that the delays are a direct result of the complicated game development process in today's climate. Halo Infinite is still clearly missing a firm release date, but community manager Brian Jarrard confirmed that they will soon have news for the fans.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer earlier confirmed that the studio is getting Halo Infinite ready for a holiday 2021 launch and now it's a matter of narrowing the release window down to a specific date. 

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