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GWENT Challenger tournament announced

Published: 11:28, 17 March 2017
CD Project Red
GWENT Challenger

CD Project Red have announced the official GWENT Challenger event, organised in partnership with ESL

GWENT Challenger is the official GWENT: The Witcher Card Game tournament, which will feature 4v4 best players fighting to take home a sizable prize.

Four best players from the community will go head to head with four professionals: Trump (Jeffrey Shih), Lifecoach (Adrian Koy), Noxious (Kacem Khilaji) and ppd (Peter Dager), for a pot worth around £90.000.

CD Project Red GWENT Challenger GWENT Challenger

Paweł Burza, Community Manager, CD Project Red said: "It’s a real privilege to observe how active GWENT players are in the realm of competitive gaming. Community-powered tournaments like The Passiflora Championship, The Seven Cats Brawl or The Gwentlemen’s Open are a source of inspiration for the entire team, and we definitely want this part of GWENT to grow,"

CD Project Red GWENT Challenger GWENT Challenger

Marcin Iwiński, Co-founder, CD Project Red explained: “GWENT: The Witcher Card Game was created because The Witcher community wanted it. Now we’re seeing more and more gamers wanting to play GWENT competitively, so here we are with a chance to play against some heavy-hitters, and a prize pool to spice things up,”.

“I can’t wait to see who wins!” Iwiński adds.

Registrations, rules, tournament schedule and more is available over at the .


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