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Crimson Curse expansion brings over 100 new cards to Gwent

Published: 20:09, 04 March 2019
CD Projekt Red
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Gwent Crimson Curse

CD Projekt Red have announced the first expansion for Gwent named Crimson Curse. The expansion will introduce over 100 new cards, including 31 neutral cards and 14 faction cards for each faction. The release date is set for 28 March 2019

CD Projekt Red's free to play Witcher-based card game Gwent is set to receive its first card expansion dubbed Crimson Curse it's been announced by the Polish publisher.

The new expansion will introduce over 100 new cards to the game including 31 neutral and 14 faction cards per each faction. CD Projekt Red state that players will get to choose from many options to improve existing meta decks or experiment with completely new archetypes from Crimson Curse. 

At the moment, the reveal website shows five new cards which include: Disgraced Brawler, Dryad Ranger,  Windhalm of Attre, Plumard and Samum.

The Brawler is a Skellige warrior with berserk ability, Ranger can deal poison damage and boost other Scoia'tael race units on the field, Windhalm of Attre has the ability to shield himself which gives him two-point boost after every ally turn, Plumard can give enemy unit a bleeding effect while Samum is the good old bomb that can deal three-point damage to the enemy.

The announcement also mentions that this is the first batch of card reveals and that more will follow shortly after.

As for the background story of the new expansion, it's focused on Dettlaff van der Eretein, a powerful vampire you may know if from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Blood and Wine expansion. The vampire is using his great power to perform a dark ritual to summon his minions and as the Witcher world "turns red" new types of monsters, villains and heros are starting to emerge.

CD Projekt Red Geralt and Ciri playing Gwent GWENT

While this is Gwent's first major expansion, the card game received numerous updates which introduced new features and changes. CD Projekt Red even planned a proper single-player story expansion which ultimately turned into a separate game - Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales. 

Gwent Crimson Curse is set to release on 28 March 2019 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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