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GWENT Challenger tournament date and location revealed

Published: 12:46, 08 March 2018
CD Pojekt RED
Screenshot from The Witcher 3 of Ciri playing GWENT in a tavern.
The Witcher 3 - GWENT

GWENT has entered the eSports scene a while ago with its GWENT Masters series of tournaments which includes the Challenger and Open series. The next GWEN Challenger is being held on 28 and 29 April 2018 in Krakow, Poland.

CD Projekt RED, the minds and developers behind The Witcher series, are hosting ''an unforgettable esports adventure that will be the upcoming GWENT Challenger''. To that end, GWENT Challenger's next venue will be, uh, a salt mine in Poland named Wielizcka.

I wonder how Riot Games never came up with a venue for League of Legends tournaments in such a location. Either way, Wieliczka mine is one of Poland's monuments, that is on both UNESCO's World Cultural and National Heritage lists.

CD Projekt Red Promotional poster for GWENT Challenger tournament features Ciri and shows dates and venue of the competition. GWENT Challenger

This choice of venue is likely a way of increasing the immersion potential for both the participants and the audience into The Witcher universe. The tournament itself will be held in a ''selection of stylish locations'' and will be populated with a set of ''world-class cosplayers''. Since GWENT comes straight out of an RPG game, this will be a nice touch for anyone who played The Witcher series. 

GWENT Challenger was originally meant to be held in the United States but the change to Poland was in order to continue the ''creative direction CD Projekt RED established with the previous event in the series.''. Rafał Jaki, Product Director of GWENT, continued explaining that CD Projekt RED want their ''tournaments to be as exciting to as, as they are to compete in.''

Poland Photograph showing Wieliczka Mine's interior adorned with stone carvings and fancy chandeliers. Wieliczka Mine - Its interior may not be the first thing you imagine upon hearing ''salt mine''.

December's GWENT Challenger was held in Moszna Castle and while it will be hard to top the experience from this venue, the salt mine will be an interesting experience in itself. GWENT Challenger's detailed schedule will be announced in the near future, closer to the event date.

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