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Guerrilla shows off Aloy's new abilities in Horizon Forbidden West

Published: 11:42, 26 October 2021
Guerrilla Games
Horizon Forbidden West
Horizon Forbidden West

Traversing the world in Horizon Zero Dawn was cool but Guerrilla Games are looking to kick things up several notches by adding more options in Horizon Forbidden West.

Beautiful scenery and world crafting were some of the high points Horizon Zero Dawn was praised for and it looks like Guerrilla Games are doubling down on this fact by offering players new ways to enjoy exploration in Horizon Forbidden West .

This mainly refers to the new ways to traverse the world, which were added to increase the interactivity with the world. For example, Aloy can now find grapple points, to which she can pull herself quickly, Batman-style.

While set in environments much brighter than ones the Caped Crusader prefers, Aloy will borrow another trick from his arsenal - gliding. This can be combined with the aforementioned grappling to quickly propel the character and then use the glide to cover larger areas mid-air and eventually land safely. Another benefit of gliding is a plethora of new angles from which you can see the environment, which we are sure will lead to some breathtaking screenshots.

Another thing Guerrilla aims to accomplish is to make new and old ways of traversal into a synergetic whole, not unlike the previously described grapple into a glide.

Aloy will be able to use Pullcaster, the grappling hook, in another way as well. It will not only be used to pull her to a location as she can use the gadget to launch herself above the target, which is what makes the glide combo possible in the first place. 

It will also allow her to reach even more height so verticality is something to be on the lookout for when Horizon Forbidden West comes around. For example, you can use the tool to simply reach ground higher than that of your enemies, in order to chuck an arrow or two at them from a favourable position.

These are the highlights but the full blog post goes in-depth on the additions as well as additional thoughts from the devs.

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