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GTA Online rewards and bonuses for week of December 22 data mined

Published: 11:06, 22 December 2020
Take-Two Interactive
GTA Online, Veto Modern
GTA Online, Veto Modern

Rockstar's official patch notes for GTA Online's week of December 22, 2020, are going out tonight, but thanks to data mining, we've got the scoop early.

As usual, the data mine was done by Tez2, prominent digger into Rockstar's data files, who has been feeding us early info on both GTA Online and Red Dead Online. 

For starters, Rockstar are giving out double the GTA$ and RP for In & Out Adversary mode, so make sure you bring your A-game to your package attacking/defending ops.

This week's GTA Online discounts favour the wannabe execs, with 40 per cent off of Executive Offices and an equal discount for the renovations. That said, players are likely to find a few distractions from their executive dreams this week. 

Festive Surprise content is now live, and it means Snow has come to GTA Online, something players have been asking about for a while now. 

Brioso 300, the pinnacle of cuteness in Italian automotive design, is available to players for free. Two new vehicles are available to GTA Online players, namely:

  • Itali RSX ($2,598,750 - $3,465,000)
  • Veto Modern ($995,000)

As promised during the launch of The Cayo Perico Heist, Still Slipping Los Santos radio station is now live for all to enjoy. It is hosted by Joy Orbison and plays experimental techno, UK hip-hop and dancehall tunes. Palms Trax & Keinemusik are also live.

Take-Two Interactive GTA Online, Itali RSX GTA Online, Itali RSX

GTA Online's weekly Premium Race is Down the Drain, while Time Trial and RC Time Trial are Tongva Valley and Power Station, respectively.

The podium vehicle of the week is Tyrus, if you fancy yourself lucky, but if you're more focused on discounts, the following vehicles are 40 per cent off:

  • Blazer Aqua ($1,053,360 - $792,000)
  • Rocket Voltic ($2,298,240 - $1,728,000)
  • Comet SR ($687,000)
  • Penetrator ($528,000)
  • Tempesta ($797,400)

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