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GTA Online gets lucrative Treasure Chests, login rewards galore

Published: 13:32, 31 December 2020
Take-Two Interactive
GTA Online, Omnis
GTA Online, Omnis

New Year's celebrations at Rockstar have given way to more GTA Online login rewards than usual, but we're not the ones to be complaining about free stuff.

Once again, the early heads up comes from well-known data miner of all things Rockstar who goes by the Twitter handle Tez2. Rockstar should follow up with their own, more detailed announcement later on, but here's the main point. 

For starters, Festive Surprise content and Snow are gone but Rockstar have plenty of GTA Online content to replace it with. Players can collect up to two Treasure Chests from the island during the scope out mission, where each contains GTA$ 15,000.

As we said in the title, In and Out Adversary Mode will be giving out double the GTA$ and RP, so it's a good time to polish your package-carrying skills.

Rockstar clearly wanted to make sure that GTA Online players feel as festive as possible, so the unlocks you get just for logging into the game are as follows:

  • Sessanta Nove Monogram" livery for Revolter, Speedo Custom, Menacer
  • Bigness Tie-dye Sweater
  • Bigness Tie-dye Sports Pants

GTA Online players who capitalised on last week's Executive Offices discounts can now do so with High-End Apartments, which are 40 per cent off. 

There's also a 40 per cent discount on the following:

  • Casino Penthouse Garage
  • Arcade Garage
  • Nightclub Garage Levels
  • Arena Garage Floors
  • Dynasty 8 Garages
  • Office Garages
  • MOC Personal Vehicle Storage

GTA Online - Cayo Perico Heist GTA Online - Cayo Perico Heist

As you can see, this week's podium vehicle is Omnis but if luck is not your forte, then feel free to indulge in some vehicle discounts. GTA Online players are getting 40 per cent off of Ramp Buggy, Armored Kuruma, Phantom Wedge and Taipan. 

Premium Race enthusiasts will be heading to Senora Freeway, while Time Trial and RC Time Trial are on Coast to Coast and Construction Site I, respectively. 

GTA Online by Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive

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