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GTA Online getting underground club The Music Locker

Published: 01:02, 06 December 2020
Take-Two Interactive
GTA Online, Moodymann in The Music Locker
GTA Online, Moodymann in The Music Locker

GTA Online players are soon getting a Los Santos musical landmark, as Rockstar announced The Music Locker, an underground club opening soon in the east part of the city.

"Maybe you’ve noticed the scaffolding and construction going on at The Diamond, or if you listen closely, you might just hear the muffled thud of a relentless kick drum. At long last, the greatest club that Los Santos has ever seen will be open to the public", the dev wrote.

The Music Locker happens to be underground in more ways than one. Not only is the club fond of underground music - it's actually located underneath The Diamond Casino & Resort.

As you'd expect from a prime Los Santos location, decor, visuals and audio should be top-notch. More importantly, though, Rockstar appear to be planning regular gigs with some high-profile musicians, and they kindly provided a schedule too. 

Week one of the opening is reserved for Detroit legend Moodymann, with a fresh batch of techno, soul and disco tunes. Oh, and backup dancers, can't forget about backup dancers. 

"Later in the season, Berlin collective Keinemusik will take clubbers on a journey from the sounds of open air beach parties to the darkest nights in Europe, while Palms Trax is preparing to bring old-school house, exotic strains of disco and the latest from the UK undergound to his Music Locker Residency later this month."

Note that while The Music Locker's doors are open to everyone with a musical taste, exclusive access to the table service in the VIP section is only available to owners of a penthouse in The Diamond Casino.

Take-Two Interactive GTA Online, The Music Locker will soon host Keinemusic, Palms Trax, and more. GTA Online, The Music Locker will soon host Keinemusic, Palms Trax, and more.

Rockstar advised everyone to stay tuned for more music news, radio stations, new DJs, and more coming as part of the biggest musical update since launch. 

GTA Online by Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive

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