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GTA Online: Los Santos Summer Special adding new co-op missions, races, cars

Published: 18:08, 07 August 2020
Take-Two Interactive
GTA Online, Super Yacht
GTA Online, Super Yacht

Rockstar have announced that GTA Online's Los Santos Summer Special launches on August 11, 2020, and it brings Super Yacht co-op missions, Open Wheel Races, new cars and more.

Rockstar have really been turning up the heat as of late, and it's pretty clear that GTA Online still has a lot to offer, both on current and next-gen devices. In fact, it's been confirmed there will be fresh content in 2021 exclusive to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and PC, but first things first. 

GTA Online: Los Santos Summer Special should have a little something for everyone, as the dev appears to have covered all the bases. 

An all-new series of missions await Galaxy Super Yacht owners, who can choose to do them alone or with up to three mateys. GTA Online players will be tasked with everything from deep-sea diving to break-neck racing on the high seas.

New Business Battles will apparently be set in some surprising locations, but players will be compensated with adequate rewards. There will be a "wide range" of Adversary Modes in the Diamond Casino & Resort as well. 

"Meanwhile, auto websites will be flooded with more than a dozen new vehicles to purchase, including rides for Benny to customize, off-roaders, tunable sports cars and a pair of new Open Wheel beauties. Push them to the limits in a series of new Open Wheel Races – or design your own street circuit with the new Open Wheel Race Creator", they wrote. 

Take-Two Interactive GTA Online character shoting up a casino GTA Online, led beats luck!

GTA Online's new event should be just enough to keep you occupied until Rockstar spill the beans on the announced "biggest ever update", which should be really soon. 

You can find the announcement on Rockstar's website .

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