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Nomada Studios release GRIS Undone to thank fans for support

Published: 13:14, 08 March 2019
Devolver Digital

Nomada Studios have teased a token of gratitude for all the support fans have been voicing over GRIS, a serene game that testifies to games being an art form. That token of gratitude has recently released as an update named GRIS Undone.

Devolver Digital are known for having a knack for publishing games that are anything but ordinary and GRIS is no exception. The game is hard to describe as one should experience it for themselves as artistic expression can be interpreted in virtually infinite ways as each experience will be a subjective one.

It appears that the artistic appeal won many hearts over as over 300.000 people have experienced GRIS so far and it is quite impossible to tell how many different types of enjoyment the game produced. CJ acknowledged this fact in our as GRIS encourages players to experience the story in their own way and he couldn't tell you, the reader, what it was or how to feel about it - your experience is subjective and it is no one's business to dictate how you should feel about the story.

As Nomada Studios saw the quickly growing popularity of GRIS, they teased a small "thank you" not back in January 2019. It turned out to be , which is a collection of unused music and designs. In other words, if you enjoyed art in GRIS, there will be plenty more to enjoy, accessible through the main menu. The update is free and available for owners of the game.

On the gameplay level, GRIS is a platformer that foregoes challenging gameplay in favour of relaxing the player. There is no threat as there is no death in the game and the challenge itself comes from solving platforming puzzles.

Devolver Digital Gris

Text, voice and other traditional means of conveying a message are left behind as Nomada Studios sought to push the player's sensations through seamless art morphing as you move around the place. If you are interested in giving GRIS a go, it will be available at a until 11 March 2019.

Gris, artistic platformer by Nomada Studio and Devolver Digital

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