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Gris, gorgeous indie adventure, hits one million sold copies

Published: 19:53, 20 April 2020
Devolver Digital

Gris has long been among our ready-to-recommend games so we're as delighted as Nomada Studio to announce that the lush indie adventure/platformer has sold one million copies.

"We are thrilled to announce that GRIS has sold more than one million copies... crazy!! Thanks to our team, families, Devolver Digital and specially to all of you who made this possible", the studio recently tweeted. 

Gris first launched for PC, Mac and Switch in December of 2018, but it spread like wildfire onto the rest. And by "the rest", we mean everything from PlayStation 4 to iOS and Android devices. 

And quite rightfully so, if we may add, as Nomada Studio managed to produce a game that conveys emotional messages without so much as a word. In fact, if I recall right, the only piece of human voice you'll hear is when the female protagonist sings, which actually works to great effect.

Note that we intentionally put adventure first and platformer second, because even though Gris is undeniably the latter, the entire experience of playing the game amounts to more than a genre could explain. 

It is, therefore, no wonder that Gris is often mentioned as part of the games-as-art group, but make no mistake - it's not just visuals that make it so, as staggeringly gorgeous as they may be. There doesn't seem to be a low point we could grab onto here, and trust us, we tried, as the mechanics, gameplay and audio are all top-notch. 

If you'd like to know more, feel free to hop onto our Gris review, where we explained everything in much more detail, and provided many more snapshots of Nomada's game to feast your eyes upon. 

Gris, artistic platformer by Nomada Studio and Devolver Digital

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