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Brendan Greene raring to go and get his hands dirty once more

Published: 18:20, 27 March 2019
Updated: 18:25, 27 March 2019
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Brendan Greene, a.k.a. PlayerUnknown, the man who started the entire battle royale craze with his game PUBG, has left the development team at PUBG Corp's Seoul offices for Amsterdam ones, says he can't wait to get his hands dirty once more.

He claims that he'll still be looking out for PUBG, although you shouldn't expect much, seeing as how his is now described as "consulting creative director".

PUBG Corp's Amsterdam offices were opened last year and Greene will be heading a department called PUBG Special Projects, whose focus is on research and development for new multiplayer games. 

Speaking of his past few years of work on PUBG, Greene said, "I've been looking at things from a high-level position rather than getting my hands dirty". 

Special Projects is a great way to get back into actual development, and the initial description said: "exploring, experimenting, and creating new technologies, tools, pipelines, and gameplay".

Greene clarified by saying, "We've been challenged by our CEO to dream of interesting things, come up with new ideas. It's challenging, but it's just fun. To get up in the morning, go to work, and dream is something most people dream about".

Nevertheless, Greene insists that he's under no pressure by the company to build PUBG 2 or the next best thing. The idea for battle royale and PUBG stemmed from his desire to play it, so he's focusing on what he'd like to play, before trying to make it work. 

Before he even begins though, there's still a matter of building a team, and Greene says that is the current priority, rather than coming up with something.

"That's our focus right now, trying to find those talented people who want to leave their ego at the door and just make something great" Greene added.

PCGamer picture showing PUBG creator Brendan Greene Brendan Greene aka PlayerUnknown

Greene isn't afraid for the future of his game and says he has full confidence in PUBG's development team, whose previous art director Taeseok Jang will be taking over from here. 

You can find the full interview with Brendan Greene


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