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Stainless Games and GMG announce a new vehicular combat IP

Published: 18:14, 06 March 2019
Stainless Games
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Green Man Gaming Publishing and Stainless Games have announced that a new vehicular combat IP is currently in development for PC, scheduled to release sometime in 2019. The unnamed project will focus on strong vehicle combat and mayhem.

The creators of Carmageddon and Green Man Gaming Publishing have joined forces to bring a brand new vehicular combat IP exclusively to PC. The companies officially confirmed the partnership in a joint announcement which also states that the new IP will be focused on "vehicle action and mayhem", which is something Stainless Games are known for.

Chairman and Co-founder of Stainless Games, Patrick Buckland said that they can't wait to reveal more about the project and that the studio is going back to its roots with their new title. The aim is to deliver a proper Stainless game with exciting, "action-packed" gameplay that will "blow people away."

Unfortunately, the info is pretty scarce at the moment but the announcement mentions that more details about the new IP will be released in the upcoming weeks. The game is expected to release sometime in 2019.

If you're wondering why Stainless Games are making a brand new vehicular combat IP instead of a new Carmageddon game, well, back in December 2018, the studio sold the  to Austrian publisher THQ Nordic.

The original Carmageddon game was released back in 1997 and you may remember it as one of the most controversial games at that time. It didn't really do well on the score sheets and many critics bashed the game for its violent gameplay.

Stainless Games picture showing vehicle combat Carmageddon: Reincarnation

Carmageddon allowed players to wreck each other's vehicles during the races but the biggest issue was a bonus system that rewarded players for running over pedestrians and animals. The game was censored at its release in many countries including Germany and the United Kingdom.

Ultimately, Stainless Games had to replace pedestrian models with zombies and robots which was considered more acceptable by rating boards.

In some countries, including Brazil, Carmageddon was completely banned while in Australia it was rated +18.

You can check Stainless Games and Green Man Gaming Publishing on GMG newsroom.

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