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GOG is offering a free game - Brigador

Published: 00:59, 23 December 2020
Stellar Jockeys
Brigador in action
Brigador in action

Mech fighting is never out of fashion and if you are looking to shake things up a little bit, look no further since you can grab Brigador for free on GOG.

Brigador has many qualities but loyalty is not one of them. Players will be filling the shoes, or rather a mech cockpit, of mercenary pilots who betrayed their planet. The objective is to destroy as much of it as possible before leaving, granting your pilots money depending on the amount of destruction they manage to cause.

So what would treasonous pilots use all that blood money for? Upgrading and buying more mechs of course. This roguelite will take players through hectic but tactical combat that will change throughout your runs, depending on what you face and even more on what you equip.

The loadouts are a crucial feature of Brigador since you can unlock 56 different mechs, tanks and hovercraft that can equip 40 different weapons. Besides obliterating the enemies, you will be able to destroy all the environment you see, and as we mentioned before, the more you destroy, the bigger the payout.

One would think a game like this wouldn't be too big in scope but it boasts 37 missions in the campaign mode, offering dozens of hours of enjoyment when it all goes right and rage when you lose it all.

You can pick the game up on GOG by logging in and clicking the big button on the Winter Sale page for roughly three days after this article was posted. The deadline is on December 25, 2020, at 2:00 PM UTC or 5:00 AM PT.

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