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Glivi Games announces Leshy release window, shows gameplay trailer

Published: 12:25, 09 September 2021
Glivi Games

Slavic mythology fans might have an interesting title coming up as Leshy got its first gameplay trailer recently as well as a broad release window.

Glivi Games announced that Leshy is coming at some point during 2023 but also offered an early look at some gameplay through a brief trailer. The game is of the hack 'n' slash genre and considering the roles of the protagonist and the antagonists, it's probably the most fitting, next to horror.

Anyway, the players take the role of the Leshy, an ancient pagan demon that is looking to protect its forest and annihilate the humans who are employed by a corporation that's exhausting the forest's resources in order to fill its own pockets. Since the game is set in the near future of 2040, players will encounter various enhanced enemies, such as the worker mechs but also regular soldiers and possibly more.

That said, Leshy doesn't come without an arsenal of tricks of its own. The creature can assume forms of various predators, such as bears and wolves but if the cinematic trailer, which you can also check out below, is to be trusted, you will be able to summon some of these natural allies to aid you in combat.

If the name "Leshy" sounds familiar, it's probably because you got creeped out by Leshen in The Witcher 3. They are basically the same thing, just bearing a different name, possibly as a result of various dialects.

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