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Ghostrunner 2 development announced with a bigger budget

Published: 20:35, 13 May 2021
505 Games

Ghostrunner turned out to be the most loved cyberpunk game in 2020 and the developers are reaping continuous benefits from it, with the sequel now announced by 505 Games.

One More Level, the Polish studio behind Ghostrunner, sold the IP rights to 505 Games after the game released and success followed. It's currently sitting at 91 per cent positive out of almost 19,000 total reviews on Steam, further proving its worth.

After 505 bought the rights from One More Level, the fans were left guessing about the future of the potential series and on March 13, 2021, the publishers answered.

Digital Bros Group, 505's parent company, announced that they  partnered up with One More Level for a sequel , simply titled Ghostrunner 2. They revealed that the initial budget was doubled compared to the initial investment, putting €5 million on the table.

While the increased budget is good news for the devs, and will probably extend to the gamers if they get a sequel that's improving on the original's formula, Digital Bros Group and 505 didn't reveal much more information about the future plans.

With that in mind, we are probably years away from the sequel and expectations should be tempered in order not to overhype ourselves over the initial announcement, long before we actually get to play the game.

If you take a look back at the recent history, the community and devs overhyping a cyberpunk game long before it released didn't exactly work out for the players in the end.

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