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Ghostrunner Project Hel beta details and release date revealed

Published: 03:40, 01 December 2021
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Ghostrunner - Next-gen version now available
Ghostrunner - Next-gen version now available

Ghostrunner will hold a beta test for the upcoming expansion that will actually feature one of the bosses as the protagonist.

Ghostrunnner : Project Hel is coming on January 16, 2022, but given the problems that persist with the Coronavirus, it's not excluded a delay or two might happen. 

That said, the devs could use all the help they can get in testing the upcoming content and fans will undoubtedly be anxious for more Ghostrunner content to play. Therefore, signing up for the closed beta is a step towards a win-win situation.

You can sign up for the beta via the documents that were set up to take the necessary data, such as your email, location, age, as well as Discord and Reddit usernames. The last two are not usually mandatory for beta tests but Ghostrunner's Project Hel will require both.

On the topic of what the DLC is all about, you can look forward to six new missions that are going the opposite way of the man campaign as Hel will be descending the Dharma Tower. Mara's construct will have a different progression path from that of the Ghostrunner in the original game.

Those who played through the title will also remember that Hel was pretty annoying with her seemingly endless flurry of sword attacks, which may still be possible once you take control of the character.

The devs did specifically say Hel will have a different style, compared to Jack, so we might be looking at more straight-up combat and less dodge and poke tactics, imbued by free running.

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