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Ghost Recon Wildlands crossover with Rainbow Six Siege incoming

Published: 23:19, 20 July 2018
Picture of someone with Rainbow Six SIege patch in Ghost Recon Wildlands
Ghost Recon WIldlands

Ubisoft are looking for more crossovers in Ghost Recon Wildlands following the well received appearances by Sam Fisher and the Predator. It seems like Rainbow Six Siege operators will be the next in line, following a new update teaser.

Ubisoft have teased The Badge Special Operation 2 via YouTube, with the video embedded above, showing the new collectable badges that commemorate different adventures the Ghosts went through while warring with Santa Blanca cartel. Some of the patches are references to the cartel, predator, Ghost Recon and Fourth Echelon. The video then suddenly switches to Rainbow Six Siege theme, and a person with a Rainbow Six patch comes onto the screen.

It is pretty evident now that Ubisoft are going to have another crossover between their franchises but they didn't state when or how it will happen. There is no info on which operators will have cameos either, but all of these questions will be answered on 23 July 2018 with the full trailer reveal they announced.

Granted, people will definitely want to see Lord 'Chanka cooperate with Ghosts but since they are a highly classified part of US military, it would make more sense if only US and British operators joined the fray.

It would also be way more hilarious, as that would mean we get to see Thatcher comment on Ghosts and their highly customised weapons and gear. Maybe Ubisoft should put laser sights on their laser sights, but that's just wishful thinking.

Ash  and Thermite are probably the most likely candidates to appear as the former has been the commanding officer during Rainbow Six Siege's Outbreak event as Thermite acted as radio support.

Theories aside, this update will bring the long requested hardcore mode, which is called Ghost Mode in this case. It will change the way reloads happen in the game, toggle friendly fire on and most importantly - delete your character should they fall in battle. It will be available on all difficulty levels and should provide the ultimate realism in Ghost Recon Wildlands.

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