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Ghost of Tsushima developer staffing up with QA manager, testers

Published: 07:37, 21 May 2019
Sucker Punch Productions
A horseman with a bow in front of pagoda in Ghost of Tsushima
Ghost of Tsushima

Sucker Punch Productions, developer of the highly anticipated title Ghost of Tsushima, has been staffing up with quality assurance (QA) personnel, including managers and testers, and this seems to be the closest we can get to the game info.

After all, Sucker Punch have released anything since we've seen that much-maligned flute guy raise the roof at E3, and the trailers we'd seen that far are pretty much all the gameplay related stuff we have at the moment. 

Looking for QA testers is, of course, not exactly a confirmation of any kind, but when combined with the QA manager, it sort of suggests Sucker Punch have something worth testing. 

Granted, there's a real possibility this is just our wishful thinking in action, as we're obviously anxious to see what the dev has in store, but you be the judge.

QA testers looking to work in Sucker Punch need to be proficient with logging, tracking, regressing, closing and migrating all sorts of bugs. Potential employees must have at least one open-world AAA shipped title in their resume.

The QA manager position, on the other hand, requires a proven track record and at least 5 years of experience in the field, with special focus on "work smarter, not harder" type of strategy.

Note that unlike for QA testers, Ghost of Tsushima is explicitly mentioned here, with Sucker Punch writing, "We recognize QA as being a key aspect of taking Ghost of Tsushima to its full potential."

This would suggest we're not just looking at yours truly's wishful thinking, but rather the start of actual testing of Ghost of Tsushima, which could mean we'll know more relatively soon. 

What we do know is that the game is set in 1274, when the Mongol Empire decimated the population of the island, which itself has great cultural importance. Namely, it's located smack dab between Japan and Korea, but those tales are too lengthy for this piece alone.

Sucker Punch Productions A samurai and bowman standing in sunset in Ghost of Tsushima Ghost of Tsushima

Players will play as one of the last living samurai Jin Sakai, whose expertise includes the way of The Ghost, a set of deadly fighting techniques he'll be putting to use in-game.

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Ghost of Tsushima, a samurai adventure by Sucker Punch Studios

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Ghost of Tsushima

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