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German version of Half-Life is not censored anymore

Published: 15:50, 28 April 2017
Updated: 11:16, 02 May 2017

German censorship measures regarding Half-Life have now been lifted. This will mostly show in the, now human, enemy soldiers and the famous barnacles not spewing out a bunch of screws when killed.

Oh Germany, you wonderful, wonderful piece of Europe. Without you, I wouldn't have a favourite , the world wouldn't have the  and the people who play Half-Life and live inside your borders would have had the real Half-Life experience since the game launched there.

In Germany, Half-Life was heavily censored. The version that launched there was drastically changed to fit the then requirements of the video game censorship laws. For example: "Germany is not okay with humans exploding into bloody body parts, but is totally fine with robots meeting the very same fate."

Valve Half-Life Half-Life

So first, they replaced the human soldiers with robot enemies. When shot at, these robots explode in a cloud of mechanical parts. That's for the, once human, enemies. For the fellow scientists and other allies, it's a different story. Those guys just sit around shaking their heads at you until they vanish into thin air.

Next up, barnacles. "A stationary ceiling-dwelling alien creature, which is most notable for its unique method of catching prey using its sticky "tongue.", these guys didn't escape the censors as they were made to spew out screws when killed. Keeping with the mechanical, no blood theme, I see.

Valve Half-Life Half-Life

Another creepy, creepy alien nope that didn't manage to hide from the all-seeing eyes of the German censors is the Headcrab. These parasitic life-forms "are small creatures, roughly the size of a pumpkin, they are covered in smooth skin, which varies in colour between subspecies, and crawl on four short legs.", plus they can jump some 3 metres into the air and latch onto their victim's head. Next, they proceed by taking over the control of the poor soul's nervous system. After the censors had their way with them though, Headcrabs would vanish into nothingness, when killed.

All these measures are said to be no more, and the German players are now free to experience the blood and gore of the events which went down in the Black Mesa Research Facility.

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