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Generation Zero celebrating second anniversary with Resistance update and free weekend

Published: 08:44, 19 March 2021
Updated: 08:47, 19 March 2021
Avalanche Studios
Generation Zero: Resistance key art
Generation Zero: Resistance

Avalanche Studios, or more precisely its internal department calling themselves Systemic Reaction, have announced a hefty update called Resistance, and a free weekend on Steam.

If you've been waiting for Generation Zero to get more content, this is probably perfect timing to get on board, or at least get in for some sightseeing thanks to the game going free to play until March 21, 2021. And if you like what you see, you'll be glad to know the game is 70 per cent off, thanks to Steam's Avalanche Studios Group Sale.

As for Year 3 and Resistance, Systemic Reaction promises a wealth of new content coming throughout 2021. We found it particularly interesting that the dev is sticking to the calendar, which means it's time to say goodbye to in-game 1989.

"As the game shifts from 1989 to 1990, new threats and world revamps will emerge, as well as the long-awaited introduction of base building. You’ll also be able to engage in home base defense encounters, fighting off waves of enemies to survive", they wrote. 

Generation Zero: Resistance will launch as a free update on April 27, 2021, for all the platforms it's available on, i.e. PC and consoles. 

Although the game has had somewhat of a slow start, chiefly on the account of the lack of content, Systemic Reaction's team made sure to amend that along the way. 

Generation Zero has since received a number of updates and two story-driven expansions, Alpine Unrest and FNIX Rising, so there's no shortage of content to dive into. Systemic Reaction vowed to deliver an "exciting new direction" in Year 3, so we're sure to be taking them up on the weekend freebie. 

"I can’t believe it’s been two years already. When we first released Generation Zero, we were a small team sitting in the ‘indie corner’ of Avalanche Studios trying something we’d never done before, our enthusiasm totally outweighing our experience as a self-publisher”, said Emil Kraftling, Creative Director at Systemic Reaction. “But we stayed committed to building a game in collaboration with our fans, and two years later, it’s grown with tons of content and a wonderful community, with even more to come!”

You can find the game's Steam page here .

Generation Zero, survival game by Avalanche Studios

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Generation Zero

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