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Avalanche roll out Generation Zero trailer, leak Just Cause 4

Published: 08:17, 08 June 2018
Updated: 12:27, 24 September 2018
Avalanche Studios
Large mechanical machines from the game Generation Zero
Generation Zero

One thing is for sure - it's gonna suck being Avalanche Studios come crunch time, because the company rolled out an announcement trailer for their upcoming open world survival game Generation Zero, and prematurely leaked Just Cause 4.

Add to that the already announced revival of Rage franchise that Avalanche is doing with Bethesda and it's clear they'll have their hands full, and then some.

Generation Zero is a post-apocalyptic survival game, although we're neither talking distant future, nor are there any zombies. The game is set in Sweden in the 80s, when hostile machines invaded the country.

Avalanche said Generation Zero aims for the right mix of stealth and gung-ho action, in a persistently simulated world. Damaging enemies will mark the machines for life, which they spend roaming "the landscape with intent and purpose."

As far as mimicking the 80s goes, music seems to be spot on. Vangelis' Blade Runner vibe is an obvious creative nod here, although I'm a bit unsure as to the style of the protagonists. I'm not really sure the 80s were notable for fashion mix of everything between 60s to 90s but that may just be me nitpicking. Also, nice boom box.

Generation Zero director Emil Kraftling describes the game as an guerilla action game, with special accent on tactical elements. Interestingly, Avalanche will publish the game themselves and Kraftling is aware of the risks involved. "We are calling all the shots, but we are also taking all the risks", he said.

At the same time Steam's prematurely aired ad revealed that Avalanche are set to unleash a new instalment to the Just Cause series - Just Cause 4. Unfortunately, there's not much else to go by as far as Just Cause 4 goes, although we expect to know more once E3 kicks off.

Kotaku Prematurely leaked ad for Avalanche Studios' game Just Cause 4 Just Cause 4

Avalanche are with id Software, albeit on their proprietary Avalanche Engine, rather than id Software's id Tech solutions. The studio was bought by Nordisk Film earlier, where the sale should be completed by end of June 2018.

Avalanche Studios Large mechanical machines from the game Generation Zero Generation Zero

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