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Avalanche's survival Generation Zero gets launch date, specs

Published: 18:19, 26 January 2019
Avalanche Studios
A first person view of a person shooting robots in Generation Zero
Generation Zero

Although the latest news on Generation Zero mostly had to do with the question of whether Avalanche stole the whole thing, we now have more positive news. Namely, the studio set the launch date for 26 March 2019 and the specs are here too.

Generation Zero requires a 64-bit operating system, with the minimum recommended specs listing Windows 7 with Service Pack 1. As for the rest of minimum specs, we're looking at apparently any Intel i5 Quad Core, 8GB of RAM, Nvidia GTX 660 / ATI HD7870 with 2GB VRAM / Intel Iris Pro Graphics 580 and 35GB of room.

Recommended specs again mention any Intel i7 Quad Core, 16GB of memory, a choice between Nvidia GTX 960 and AMD R9 280 with 4GB of VRAM and 35GB of hard disk storage. We're not sure why Avalanche didn't list equivalent AMD CPUs but on the other hand, they didn't even go into detail concerning Intel's chips.

All in all, it appears that Generation Zero isn't that taxing on the hardware, as the requirements are lower than the company's recently launched game Just Cause 4.

Generation Zero is a survival shooter set in the 1980's Sweden, where most of the population went missing. With a bunch of machines on the streets, players are tasked with finding out how the situation came about, while trying to survive against the merciless automatons. As Avalanche so aptly put it, "In Generation Zero, living is winning."

The game revolves around the 80s vibe, but only the part that people can still be nostalgic about. Avalanche made sure of that starting with Generation Zero's audio work, which closely emulates the sphere-heavy music of the era. The game's cosmetics also follows suit, with plenty of "outfits and hairstyles to recreate your favourite 1980s style to take on the machines in style." Comparison between Simon Stålenhag's work and Generation Zero Simon Stålenhag left, Generation Zero right

That being said, it seems that the company still isn't keen on admitting that Generation Zero from the work by Swedish artist Simon Stålenhag. One of his series of paintings specifically deals with Swedish countryside beset by large machines, with teens and children in the photos emanating a distinct 80s vibe, but Avalanche claim they never borrowed a thing. 

Generation Zero, survival game by Avalanche Studios

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Generation Zero

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