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Borderlands 3 voice actors and Gearbox CEO duke it out on Twitter

Published: 13:26, 06 May 2019
Gearbox Software
Picture of Claptrap from Borderlands 2
Borderlands 2 Claptrap

Claptrap, the intergalactic ninja assassin and everyone's favourite nuisance in Borderlands series has a new voice actor since Paul Eddings is no longer part of Gearbox Software, which he blamed on Randy Pitchford, who then fired back.

Randy Pitchford is doing the rounds on Twitter again, this time in what seems to be a partial replay of the issues Gearbox had with Borderlands 3's voice actor for Rhys, .

In this instance, the controversy is happening over the dubious circumstances in which David Eddings, the voice of Claptrap separated from Gearbox Software.

Fans recently asked Edding whether he was still the voice of Claptrap as they noticed the annoying robot sounds slightly different, upon which he that he is no longer voicing him as this was the first time he insisted on getting paid for his performance and suddenly Gearbox "couldn't afford" the talent.

He also alleged that went to the CEO Randy Pitchford's pocket instead of the developer company back when he was in a legal dispute with Wade Callender and that was the reason paying him for the voice performance was too much for Gearbox.

To clarify, Eddings was already working at Gearbox at the time of developing the first two Borderlands games but not as a voice actor. In his 12 year stint at the company, Eddings was a vice president of business development but was apparently never separately paid for voicing Claptrap, despite voice acting not being in the job description of business development VPs.

It didn't take long for the fans to turn their focus on Pitchford who once again didn't let the PR department do their job and on Twitter saying that Eddings is "bitter and disgruntled" that he was terminated from Gearbox.

2K Games borderlands 3 screenshot showing a female and male character Borderlands 3

Furthermore, Pitchford said Eddings was offered double the salary and he refused it, but some of Pitchford's followers on it, saying that a previous statement was that Eddings was getting offered a wage that was an .


Borderlands 3 is an Action RPG by Gearbox Software

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