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Gearbox showing off Borderlands 3's backwater swampland of Eden-6

Published: 11:18, 08 August 2019
Borderlands 3

Gearbox have posted images and a short trailer of another planet in the Borderlands 3 universe, and we're talking about Eden-6, whose name is pretty ironic as it's populated by backwater swamplands and very few traces of civilisation.

No worries, looking at these images will not result in Take-Two to your house, so feel free to feast your eyes on yet another non-Pandora planet featured in Borderlands 3.

"A backwater swampland of a planet, and family home of the Jakobs clan. Eden-6 is covered by lush greenery and stagnant waters, dotted with occasional settlements and the rusted hulks of crashed spaceships", Gearbox wrote. 

Apparently, civilisation hasn't really caught on with Eden-6, so there are numerous dangers waiting behind every corner. The corner we're referring to is purely figurative, as there aren't many of them on Borderlands 3's new planet.

Eden-6 is effectively ruled by wildlife and ravenous Saurians and semi-sentient Jabbers are at the top of the food chain, it seems.

In spite of that, they're not the only hostile thing that you'll encounter on Eden-6, far from it, as the Children of the Vault maintain a presence on Borderlands 3's backwater swampland planet as well.

Borderlands 3 is the first game in the franchise to take players beyond Pandora, and Gearbox's earlier tease took us to Promethea, which is significantly more urban and populated than Eden-6.

Home to the Atlas corporation, has been transformed from a modern city to a sprawling warzone, where you'll be facing off Maliwan mechanised infantry on the streets, while sewers and back-alleys are home to Ratches, hybrid organisms that are neither roaches nor rats, but somewhere in between.

Gearbox also teased Zane, Borderlands 3's new face whose shows a semi-retired corporate hitman with a peculiar sense of humour. 

Gearbox Borderlands 3
Borderlands 3

As the story goes, Zane has decades of experience in espionage and a ton of gadgets up his sleeve, meaning he should be a blast to play with. I'm not sure whether the pun was intended, but I'll take it. 

You can check out Eden-6 screenshots in our gallery, or check out the short trailer on Gearbox's .

Borderlands 3, backwater swampland of new planet Eden-6

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