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Gabe Newell confirms Valve are still working on VR games

Published: 18:32, 25 March 2019
Gabe Newell, the man behind beloved game developer Valve
GabeN, our lord and saviour.

In case you've been concerned over the recent layoffs in Valve, which mostly affected the company's VR department, you can stop now as Gabe Newell himself confirmed that none of these games, or Knuckles for that matter, are affected.

The news comes courtesy of Valve News Network, a YouTube channel that collected GabeN's mail responses in the past several weeks, where the man discussed everything from gaming to complex results of the 1+2=? equation.

One of the fans enquired as to the games GabeN has been playing in his free time, which we now know are Dota, Cultist Simulator, Automation/BeamNG, Resident Evil 2 and "unannounced Valve games". 

Another one asked him whether the three VR games are still coming, to which GabeN replied with a resounding "yes", so there you have it - the will not interfere with Valve's VR plans.

By the way, GabeN's most played Steam game thus far is Dota 2, although Sand King is no longer his favourite, as he's been playing much more Weaver lately. 

Asked whether Valve has been making a step away from game design and focusing on hardware development, GabeN said that they prefer to look at it as "increasing the range of design choices that are available" to the company.

He pointed out that mods are limited by host games, just like games are limited by the choice of engine. "By being able to design hardware at the same time we are designing a game, we think we will be able to build better games. Hopefully, this is more obvious when Knuckles ships", he added.

Knuckles is, of course, Valve's new control system that should make controlling VR games a breeze, although we're yet to find out about the exact date we see it on the shelves.

Valve Two Valve's Knuckles EV3 controllers Valve, Knuckles EV3

One fan wanted to know whether the recent announcement of Halo games coming to Steam was hard to pull off, GabeN said that it was Phil Spencer and his Microsoft team that deserve all the credit for this, as Valve simply agreed.

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