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Frostpunk's Update 1.5.1 introduces a bunch of additions and fixes

Published: 12:06, 20 February 2020
11 bit studios
Frostpunk - Update 1.5.1 banner image
Frostpunk - Update 1.5.1

Frostpunk's DLC - The Last Autumn has a new update. The update has brought some additions as well as fixes to the newly released expansion. Fishing Harbour has some new features. The "Not great, not terrible" and "A for effort" achievements have been fixed.

11 Bit Studios' latest Frostpunk DLC - The Last Autumn has a new update comprised of some fixes for the issues the fans have reported as well as some small quality of life improvements.

Added features:

The Last Autumn's Fishing Harbour has fishing boats floating around and some animated people working along the docks. Animations of people working on the Thermal Hull have been added as well.

Many in-game buildings also have new interior pictures and The Last Autumn's main menu has some custom tunes.

The list of added items includes convicts' reactions as well as a final message when you finish your work on the generator.


The Supercharge ability that sometimes prevented you from finishing the generator has now been fixed and you'll be happy to learn that the Bath House now also protects you from illnesses caused by low safety level. Also fixed is the Endless Mode that featured perpetual gases which vented even when the generator had been completed. 

The "Not great, not terrible" achievement that required you to: Build the Generator in The Last Autumn scenario, employing people neither in Safe nor Deadly workplaces, has been fixed and so was the "A for effort" achievement that challenged the players to build a Generator with all construction faults in Endless Mode. 

Now, these can move on from 0 per cent on the game's achievement page .

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Frostpunk: The Fall of Winterholme

The Better Food quest has been fixed and the Automatons can no longer be employed at the construction site in Endless Mode. 

Hooligans caught by the People’s Militia will from now on be executed at the execution place. The update features other fixes and improvements and you can read the Frostpunk: The Last Autumn review by our very own Semir Omerovic - Ghost right here .

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