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Frostpunk sells quarter million copies, DLC will follow soon

Published: 09:02, 30 April 2018
11 bit studios
Frostpunk screenshot showing a city built around what seems to be a giant furnace.
Frostpunk - Heat will be a central feature in the game. This town took it literally.

11 Bit Studios' frosty city-building simulator Frostpunk has had a great start to its career, with the game racking up 250 thousand sold copies in only 66 hours since it launched on 24 April 2018. Obviously, the devs are over the moon.

The devs wasted no time in thanking the faithful Frostpunk-ers, delivering a few promises for the game's content as well. Namely, 11 Bit Studios' CEO Grzergorz Miechowski announced that as a result, Frostpunk expansions and free updates are now a certainty rather than a possibility.

In their , 11 Bit Studios said that even though expansions are incoming, the devs are busy polishing "some rough edges of the original game". Also, players have been reporting some imbalances and bugs in Frostpunk, all of which should be taken care of by the time 11 Bit start working on DLC.

The company invited its fans to keep up with feedback over possible additions to Frostpunk and apparently, the feedback has been found to be "very useful". They claim that they've already heard a ton of cool ideas and they've invited more.

Frostpunk's devs did call for patience when it comes to bugs and lacking features, seeing as how they aren't the big-wig studio people think they are. Limited resources mean limited development time but 11 Bit Studios claim that it won't stop them in their pursuit of excellence.

Having said that, the company is clear that they're not keen on "half-measures" and fixes that break the remainder of Frostpunk, so you should expect any patches to be thoroughly tested, albeit at the cost of additional development time. 

To be fair, 11 Bit Studio have every reason to be jolly, especially considering that things haven't always been as smooth with Frostpunk as they are now. You may recall the game going through a lengthy launch delay when it was supposed to launch in 2017 but those days are over.

So, the Frostpunk ship has sailed into open waters so we'll see soon enough whether initial sales translate into the success everyone is expecting.

11 bit studios Screenshot from Frostpunk showing a dialogue menu making the player choose between morality and pragmatism. Frostpunk - An example of hard choices between morality and pragmatism.

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