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Frostpunk release date for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 revealed

Published: 19:55, 13 August 2019
11 bit Studios
Steam machines are working in a ridiculously cold temperature

Frostpunk, the acclaimed and brutal survival strategy by 11 bit studios has been announced for consoles a while ago but the actual release date has finally been revealed. It is 11 October 2019, which is a little away from original plans.

Frostpunk is coming to consoles in mid-October which is slightly later than originally planned. Initially, 11 bit studios stated the console versions of the game would release during Summer 2019 but it has spilt into autumn, ever so slightly.

For those unacquainted, it is a fantastic survival game where players assume the role of the mayor in a not-so-prospering city in the extremely cold steampunk-inspired dystopia. They will have to manage the city and build in accordance to available resources.

The world has literally frozen over and there are only a few settlements that managed to survive, scattered all over the globe.

While adept players can make the city thrive, it can only be considered "thriving" in the post-apocalyptic standards that are as low as the temperature around the place.

Players will often be tasked with challenging decisions and great sacrifices such as child labour or literally deciding who lives and who dies. The setting is grim and Frostpunk offers enough difficulty settings to make progressing the day feel just as hopeless for the player as it is for the residents.

While this is not a turn-based game where players are tasked with defending the planet from an extraterrestrial invading force, it is possible XCOM fans will like this one too as it successfully manages to make players care about those under their command, even though we are talking about a bunch of pixels instead of real people.

11 bit studios Promotional image for Frostpunk: The Fall of Winterholme DLC Frostpunk: The Fall of Winterholme

Frostpunk has over 25.000 reviews on Steam and 87 per cent of them were positive at the time of writing. It is safe to say the game will appeal to many players on consoles too, especially because 11 bit studios seem to be taking extra care to deliver the best possible experience, which is much better than delivering a half-way done radial wheel.

Gallery of screenshots from Frostpunk by 11 bit studios

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Frostpunk: The Fall of Winterholme

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