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Elite Dangerous wants to help new Commanders with April update

Published: 10:46, 11 April 2019
Frontier Developments
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Elite: Dangerous - Krait

Frontier Developments' next update for their space sim Elite Dangerous is coming on 23 April 2019, and it should make a game a bit easier for newly-created Commanders. It will also add new modules and free module slots for everyone.

Space sim Elite Dangerous is set to receive a major update this month, and the developer Frontier Developments have listed all the changes that will be introduced once the patch drops on PC.

In a forum post on their website, Frontier confirmed that the April update is arriving on Tuesday, 23 April 2019 and it will focus on introducing quality of life improvements and improving the welcoming experience for beginners.

To make the space darkness a more friendly place for all new Commanders, Elite will introduce two new modules to help you engage in and explore all that is to discover.

Beginners' Zone is a new collection of systems for newly-created Commanders and can only be accessed by pilots until they earn their first Combat, Trade or Exploration rank.

Furthermore, the authorities will provide new players with simpler missions that even the smallest ships can complete. New Commanders will also get a reduced rebuy until they gain their first ranks.

Two New Modules are Advancing Docking Computer and Supercruise Assist. The former will allow you to dock and undock from a station automatically and it comes as standard in all newly-purchased small ships.

This means that if you're just starting with Elite Dangerous, you'll find the Advanced Docking Computer in your ship from the get-go, making your life in space extremely easier.

Supercruise Assist module will allow you to target a destination and activate the module while in Supercruise, leaving everything in the safe hands of a machine. 

In this mode, your ship will automatically approach your destination while maintaining correct speed and breaking out of Supercruise at the optimum time.

Also, you will be able to enter into orbit around a body which allows you to launch probes and take screenshots safely. This module will also come as standard in new ships.

New modules require new module slots, and Frontier have taken care of that. Small ships will be outfitted with two additional size-one Optional Internal slots, while medium and large ships will receive one additional Optional Internal slot.

Elite: Dangerous - Cockpit Elite: Dangerous - Cockpit

The April update will also add improvements to Navigation Tab and introduce Pilot's Handbook and new community events. You can check the for more details on those.

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