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Elite: Dangerous video showcases some of Odyssey's benefits

Published: 22:27, 18 August 2020
Frontier Developments
Elite Dangerous: Odyssey
Elite Dangerous: Odyssey

Elite: Dangerous Odyssey is still quite a bit away but the developers decided to share some of their insight into its features.

Frontier Developments' crew of developers showcased some of the upcoming content for Elite: Dangerous while also reminding the players that the franchise is literally spanning a few decades at this very point in time.

There will be a series of these videos but the first one, named One Giant Leap, is the premiere. Game director, Piers Jackson, opened the presentation as he explained the importance of the pilots hearing their own breathing after they disembark from the ship. 

The reason for this is immersion since players will be landing on previously unexplored planets that may not have a friendly atmosphere, which will make sealed suits a must. Jackson emphasised the importance of immersion in the moments of touching down on a new planet as he wanted players to have their "Neil Armstrong moment", which appears to be the theme of the video, given its name.

Principal programmer, Kay Ross, chimed in along with art directors Chris Gregory and Jonathan Bottone to paint the depth of the planets' development. Each will have a different atmosphere, surface pressure, composition and temperature. 

Some of these elements could be previously seen when pilots would fail to adapt to a planet's gravity which could lead to a series of accidents when attempting to land. 

However, Odyssey should make these systems much deeper due to the fact that we will get the opportunity to explore them much more when the space legs come along.

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