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Fortnite leaks new skins, emotes and possible jetpack release

Published: 22:41, 16 May 2018
Updated: 19:18, 05 August 2018
Epic Games
Spoof image of Epic Games observing their Fortnite game leaking new info
Fortnite leak

TwoEpicBuddies are at it again, as they leak plethora of upcoming Fortnite content, including new outfits, backpacks, gliders, emotes and pickaxe skins. They have also mentioned jetpack release is imminent but without exact date or time.

Let's start with the smaller leaks first. TwoEpicBuddies have tweeted that the jetpack will finally be introduced into the game, this week or the next one. This is an item players have given up on by now, as it was announced ago before Epic Games went for radio silence on its development. It was and TwoEpicBuddies apparently mined some more mentions of the jetpack, which made them sure it's coming in less than 14 days.

There are also four new emotes in the works, with the "Clap" emote's silhouette showing a person with a Clapperboard. Two other emotes are Pop Dance and "Bendy", neither of which are clearly defined in what they might look like, and then there is a "Yeet" emote. This last one almost certainly refers to the dance in the . The dance is definitely goofy enough to qualify for a Fortnite emote.

Now for the juicy stuff. There seem to be four or five new outfits in the works, depending if the green astronaut or hazmat suits on the picture below are the same outfit, but with slightly altered appearance for male and female characters. There is also a monster-like outfit that fans have started calling the "Moisty Monster", while Epic Games have referred to it as "Moisty Merman" in the datamined game files.

Hero and villain theme isn't completely missing though, as the outfit next to the Moisty Merman resembles the Omega skin in different colour. The last, but not the least outfit is a black macho soldier sporting a moustache and a manly beard. Now we need a Schwarzenegger outfit so they can have an .

Epic Games Picture listing all of the leaked items from Fortnite Battle Royale Fortnite

There are also two glider skins, three backpacks and four pickaxe skins, with the STOP sign one looking particularly sexy. For any potential confirmations and more leaks, you can visit .

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