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Fortnite's comet might actually flatten Dusty Depot (Updated)

Published: 10:15, 27 April 2018
Updated: 22:46, 27 April 2018
Epic Games
Spoof image of a comet approaching Earth in Fortnite Battle Royale
Fortnite - Comet

Speculation about the impact point of Fortnite's comet has been going on for a month now and while everyone thought it's going to flatten Tilted Towers, there are clues bubbling to the surface that it may be headed for Dusty Depot instead.

Season 3 is coming to an end, with Season 4 starting in the first week of May which means the comet impact, and/or UFO landing, is imminent. Speculation about Tilted Towers' impeding doom garnered a lot of attention lately, and could therefore serve as the perfect red herring for Epic Games.

Reddit user internetadam provided some supposedly leaked information that could put this theory to test. The comet will apparently hit and obliterate Dusty Depot and not Tilted Towers. Pretty much everyone said internetadam is full of it at that point, but this person correctly predicted that season 4 will be superhero themed, two days before Epic Games announced it, as the post itself popped up on 24 April 2018.

The post also claims that the map will be updated more frequently during season 4, and this is compounded by other sources, who have found a with an egg shaped object beneath Tilted Towers. This partially confirms internetadam's evolving map theory, as the Tilted Towers may not be obliterated but they could be changed in a different way. This change could also be caused by an alien landing, even though info credibility for the alien theory is still flimsy.

Epic Games have also tweeted that players should "brace for impact" in their season 4 . This is either a confirmation of the comet crashing down soon or the a game mode, called Impact. This will likely be a time limited mode, so there is a possibility we can see it in action next weekend.

UPDATE (28 April 2018) - According to internetadam, Moisty Mire will be gone from the map by the end of Season 4. The map will be updated on weekly basis and the Battle Pass will have at least two hero and two villain skins within its progression reward list.

Epic Games A meteorite is falling in Fortnite Battle Royale. Fortnite Battle Royale - Meteorite

There are still , destroying smaller objects on the map and they could herald the imminent impact of a larger body of metal or stone. Dusty Depot's fate remains to be seen, but if it indeed gets destroyed, make sure you head to reddit and he craves for.

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