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How to get the hidden Fortnite tier in Blockbuster Week 2

Published: 23:10, 08 May 2018
Updated: 10:52, 24 September 2018
Epic Games
Landing into Tilted Towers, location inside Epic's game Fortnite
Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite's hidden free tier for Blockbuster Week 2 has been deciphered and discovered, courtesy of reddit user Bfor45. This article explains how to get it, but as you may already know, you will first need to grind the weekly challenges.

Just like with the hidden battle tier in , completing the challenges will unlock you a unique loading screen that will give you a hint where the battle tier is hidden. The loading screen, its hints and the exact location of the star were revealed thanks to u/Bfor45 on reddit.

When you complete the challenges, you will unlock . Bfor45 has already marked the hints on that particular picture, and they read A3, A4, B3 and B4. These coordinates mark the spot on the map where the line between A3 and A4 crossed the line between B3 and B4, which is the exact place where the star will spawn. is what it looks like in the game world, and is the exact location on the map.

Now, the consist of the regular "do x damage with y weapon" stuff and the kooky stuff that is characteristic to Epic Games. The kooky part refers to the and cameras Epic put on the map recently. You will find a map with their locations on the "green screens" link in the previous sentence.

Meanwhile, Epic Games are fully embracing the hilarious game world of Fortnite with the Infinity Gauntlet game mode, while fans are enjoying it even more. Some are even posting slight, but for Avengers: Infinity War, while other players are developing bona fide . Note how they are not in a squad but they all turned on that person that attacked Thanos during their little rave party.

Epic Games Poster for Fortnite and the Avengers crossover Fortnite meets Thanos

Other players are already calling for Infinity Gauntlet to stay as a permanent mode but sadly that may not be possible for the moment due to legal concerns, so enjoy it while it lasts folks!

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