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Fortnite: The Device raises the bar once more

Published: 07:20, 16 June 2020
Epic Games
Fortnite: The Device event screenshot
Fortnite: The Device

Epic Games are at it again - Fortnite's The Device event has drawn in a record-breaking crowd, even forcing the dev to cap participation in the event at one point.

Of course, participation in Fortnite's The Device event wasn't capped until in-game numbers reached 12 million, which is a figure many games can only dare to dream. 

Epic did so in order to ensure stability for the existing players, while the rest were left with watching in on other platforms like Twitch and YouTube. Not that it was a terrible bother, it seems, as the two added another 8.4 million viewers to the total figure. 

Granted, not everyone is ecstatic with how the event was handled as some players found themselves on the desktop after attempting in-game activities. It almost feels like being forced out but Epic insist that what they learned today will be used to ensure better stability for more players. 

"As we push the edge of what live-events can be, we're improving systems so more of you can experience them in-game", they wrote. 

One thing's for certain - Epic Games and Fortnite continue to push the boundaries of what a live event means in the world of video games. Granted, not many companies have the means to emulate Epic's lavish events, but there are many leaves that can be taken out of Epic Megagames' book. 

For the purposes of comparison, Fortnite's event Astronomical , the one with Travis Scott, has drawn in more than 12.3 million concurrent players. At the time, it beat Fortnite's earlier record event with Marshmello , where 10.7 million showed up for the gig. 

If you want to wax mathematical, there's a trend here that says Epic continue to beat earlier events by 2-2.5 million each time. Onto the next one then. 

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